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Rescue Boat - Large Vessel Course

Rescue Boat - Large Vessel Course

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This 40-hour technician program is a comprehensive boat operations course delivered on a rigid hull or RHIB platform in bay and near-coastal waters.  During the course, students learn the fundamentals of rescue operations in the maritime environment and RB-LV types, design, propulsion, and construction.  Beginning with the basics of USCG Rules of the Road, navigation and plotting, weather and tides, vessel preparation and inspections, the student will learn how to plan and prepare for underway operations, as well as how to pre and post trip their vessel and launch/recover to a trailer or dock and how to properly secure a vessel in a slip.  Students will learn the basics of vessel engineering and electrical/hydraulic systems on outboard rigged boats, as well as diesel inboard jet drive systems.   While underway, the student will learn to navigate utilizing vessel navigation and radar systems, as well as chartplotting and visual and plotted bearing to known landmark in day and night environments.  Students will also learn and practice maritime communication techniques and VHF usage, as well as familiarization with AIS, EPIRB and PLB deployment and position transmitting.  Once proficient in basic operational skills, the student will begin to learn SAR and patrol techniques and operations from the RB-LV platform.  Basic search patterns, USCG techniques, and arriving to a multi-agency incident will be covered as well.  Rescue and recovery of victims to the vessel will be simulated in various environments, as well as launching a rescue swimmer from the vessel.  The program will close with evolutions in approaching, positioning, and towing of vessels, as well as SAR and rescue scenarios as time permits.  The course will include 8hrs of lecture and coursework and 32hrs of hands on and underway operation.  Our 27’ SeaArk cabin jetboat, Intrepid Spirit, will be underway during the program as well, serving as an additional training platform and support vessel for the course.  

Prerequisites:  DBAW Safe Boater Certification and Swiftwater Rescue Certificate (or Equivalent) *Please contact our instructors with prereq questions prior to registering*  

Required PPE:

* Helmet

* Live Bait Type V PFD 

* Wetsuit or Drysuit

* Water Shoes

* Gloves  

Course will be confirmed once the minimum class roster of 12 students is met.  

Refund Policy: Full refund is available if canceling more than 30 days before the course. Cancellations made within 30 days of the course will receive a 75% credit towards a future course. Cancellations made within 15 days or more before the course will receive a 50% credit toward a future course. No credits will be issued for cancellations made fewer than 14 days of the first day of the course. Credits are good for 1 calendar year, no exceptions.  Any cancellations must be received via written notice and emailed to Cancellations made outside of the 30 day window will be given a full refund or full credit transferable to a future training with Intrepid Maritime.

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